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February Favourites

By Jollygoodstudio @JollyGoodStudio
February is at an end already! I can't believe it. I know it's a shorter month but come on. It's been a good one though, full of birthday adventures, my first craft fair in over a year and other general good times. Here are some of my favorite things from the online world.
Favourite Shop
February Favourites
Not the smallest of online stores but definitely the one I bought the most from in February. I don't really shop online for clothes that much (I prefer trying stuff on first) but since Monki's only UK store is in London I didn't really have a choice. Luckily the have a super easy to understand size guide, along with lots of lovely products to choose from. I had had my eye on the amazing eye blouse for a while and bought it for myself as a birthday treat. Then they went and sent me a discount code and offered free shipping for Valentine's Day so I treated myself to another top and a pair of socks. I think those cat socks are next on my list.
Favourite Item
February Favourites
I'm Sorry Card by Print Smitten
I can't remember where I found the link to this card but thank you to that person. This is such an apt card for mine and Ross' relationship. We should probably just buy one and pass it back and forward whenever necessary. It's simple, funny and straight to the point.
Favourite Blog
February Favourites
Hip Hop Sideproject
I have been a follower of Kim's very useful blog for sometime now. It has always featured extremely helpful advice and articles on running a creative business. Since the start of this year though she really has upped her blogging game with a series of new blog features and more regular posts. I love her mix of personal posts; about her trips and bread making adventures, and her straight to the point business advice based on her own experiences. Plus her website skillz mean her blog fits perfectly when viewing it on my tablet, no adjustment needed.

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