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February Favourites 2014

By Jollygoodstudio @JollyGoodStudio
Farewell Februray. This month always brings plenty of fun times, what with my birthday and all. To celebrate I took some time off from the day job to enjoy getting crafty and eating way too much food! I also went on a little adventure to Glasgow town and wrote all about it over on Wardrobe Conversations. And I started my 3rd class over at Vanilla Ink! What a busy month it's been.
Favourite Shop
February Favourites 2014
I love the variety of fun prints available in this shop. The pretzels, pineapples and sign language ones being top of my wish list. Not only are the prints interesting and unusual, they're coupled with easy to wear and super comfy looking shapes. For me this is an absolutely winning combination.
Favourite Item
February Favourites 2014
Two Finger Bat Ring by Axel Honey 
Since this blog is full of jewelry for the majority of the time, I usually try and keep it away from my monthly favourites. I like to be able to share other great things I like and show that I'm not totally obsessed. Sometimes I just can't help myself though, and this is one of those times. Just look at his wee batty face. The Axel Honey shop is full of interesting and quirky pieces but this double finger ring is the stand out for me.   
Favourite Blog
February Favourites 2014
Bee Waits For No One
This is a blog I have been following from way back when I started following blogs and has been a firm favorite throughout. I've picked it for this month due to how much I enjoyed this ladies London fashion week chat. Bee rocked some great Scottish designers in her outfits, including Jolly Good fav Karen Mabon, and looked damn fabulous to boot. 

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