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Features of New iPod Nano

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

The generation of iPod Nano was launched on 7th September 2005 by “Greg Joswiak” {Vice President of worldwide iPod, iPhone and IOS} in San Francisco and still continuing with seven generations of it.

The new iPod Nano is the seventh generation iPod and it uses flash memory for the storage of files {Photos and Videos}. It has 16 GB memory and is expandable up to 32 GB with a splendid view of portable media player which highlights the iPod and is designed and developed by Apple. The previous one was the sixth generation iPod mini which is a total touch screen iPod and this is its brightest feature.

The new iPod Nano has a 5MP sight camera with zoom and autofocus. It has face detect software that clicks on with LED flash and panorama style. Moreover it has various exiting

Features of new iPod Nano

features that are fun.

Music Features: The feel of new iPod Nano is very relaxing and enables you to carry your music collection wherever you go. Use the iPod Nano to transfer the music files from PC to Nano, organize and listen to it where ever and whenever you want. You can watch and listen music videos and recordings.

Photo Features: This is the new feature in the Nano technology, taken from fifth generation Nano as you can download the pictures from anywhere and take snaps with the amazing 5 Mega Pixel lens and can view photos in concise manner and can add effects to the pictures. The photos can be imported with other devices.

Video Features: This is the amazing feature of the iPod Nano which helps with the video viewing and importing the videos. The videos can be downloaded, purchased or can be rented through the internet. You can convert your own videos and can be viewed in any format. You can add videos to iPod Nano and can view and listen in any format. Synchronizing of videos can be done in iPod Nano.

Storage Device: This Nano can be used as the storage device or as an External disk. You can store your audio and video files in the iTunes. You can save the contacts in this storage and can lock and save it. It will be safe for the time being.

Nano has some extra features excluding the above features such as alarm clock or sleep timer to remind you the things that needs your attention. It is also comes with a feature of saving the notes and displaying it in any format. The other specifications are it can synchronize the contacts and has stop watch and calendar. The special feature in the seventh generation of iPod Nano is screen lock. Whenever you are busy you can lock the screen and work as usual.

The iPod Nano is the new edition in the products of iPod family. Having different features and accessories in different generations has made it exciting globally. You can go for the new Apple iPod Nano which is ready for its launch in October 2012 with exciting features. You can comfortable buy from online or else take Payday Loans to finance it.

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