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Feature : B.R Moto Z400

Posted on the 04 May 2012 by Wideopenmoto
Feature : B.R Moto Z400Feature : B.R Moto Z400
WideOpenMoto isn’t really about ‘custom bikes’ in the "flat-seat-and-pipewrap sense"; we leave that stuff to the big boys like BikeEXIF. We prefer to uncover the pants-shittingly gorgeous classics, specials and exotic machines which don't often get massive exposure on da internetz. 
However I saw this newly completed bike while over at the B.R Moto Officina in Bologna, Italy and liked it a lot. It’s the owner Matteo’s very own Kawasaki KZ400 which has seemingly evolved around the concept of "packing as much fun as possible into a Japanese twin" and with springtime coming up I can’t think of any better way to enjoy the newly defrosted outdoors (on road and off), than with this bike. It also offers a complete contrast to Matteo's other bike- the gorgeous ex-military Triumph bobber we featured a while back- check that out too- I guarantee you'll like it. Feature : B.R Moto Z400  B.R Moto often uses the Kawasaki twin as its canvas- the 400cc version providing the foundation for this bike. The frame has been gently cleaned up and de-cluttered before powdercoating. The tank has been stripped and hand painted with only the basic-est of stripes and the phrase 'The Bolo Shit'!
Wheels were recently upgraded with Borrani rims front and rear, a classic Metzeler on the back and a fat Heidenau enduro-spec on the front (Heidenauis well worth a look for all your classic tread-pattern needs).  Mufflers are B.R Moto made items which sound fantastic- a deep bark which makes the engine capacity sound far larger than it is.
Feature : B.R Moto Z400Feature : B.R Moto Z400  
Many parts including engine covers and rear brake drum have been fabricated from solid pieces of a special alloy known in cycling circles as ‘Drillium’ to reduce weight and increase rad-ness.
Feature : B.R Moto Z400Feature : B.R Moto Z400Feature : B.R Moto Z400
Photos: WideOpenMoto

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