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Fatherhood is No Cakewalk

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Well it's that time of year again.  We've honoured our mothers the best we could, but now its dad's turn. Father's day is a special time to thank your dad for all he's done by giving him a nice tie before leaving him alone with the television.  And how convenient that the World Cup just happens to overlap with Father's day this year. Well played FIFA, well played. Fatherhood is no Cakewalk
 Every year I stupidly ask my father what he wants for Father's Day, and the reply is always the same... "an ice cold beer and no one in here." I feel like this rings true for most dads even if they won't admit it. Regardless,  it's a fun day to appreciate dad's everywhere, and they definitely deserve it.  After all, being a dad is no cakewalk. It's very difficult to have to figure out how to post on your son's Facebook wall, and come up with the ever so clever "dad jokes" that always result in an eye roll or two. 
Fatherhood is no Cakewalk
Here at Family Cakes, Andrew and Daniel have shared with me their expectations for this upcoming Father's Day...
Andrew will first remind his wife that it's Father's Day before heading out to a nice lunch with the family. Afterwards he will remind his wife that it's Father's Day again, and enjoy groveling for the rest of the day. 
Daniel, after just finding out that Father's Day is coming,and was excited to see the his kids will probably make him a Father's Day cake 
Whatever it is you're doing this Father's Day, we hope it's a great one for all you dads out there!
Fatherhood is no Cakewalk

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