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Father’s Day “Award”

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Father’s Day “Award”I’ve sometimes struggled with imagery for Father’s Day projects as the typical tie drawing gets old after awhile. Showing students how to draw a large trophy worked well last week, and was a good prompt for them to write their own message.1. Students first made their own board by gluing 7 large popsicle sticks across 2 vertical ones. This was slide aside to dry while they made their drawing.2. On a regular piece of paper, they traced a box that was to be the outer dimension of their drawing. They drew along with me a large trophy shape inside, and added any message they wanted.3. A piece of dry wax paper (like the kind you wrap around a muffin in a bakery) was taped over the top of the pencil drawing. Their entire drawing was traced and colored in with Sharpie permanent markers.4. The drawing was cut out around the outer box dimensions. 50/50 watery glue was brushed over the board and on the back of the drawing. The drawing was put in place on the board and more glue was brushed on top. I’ve learned that it’s best to brush off any excess when complete or else the board may warp a bit.Thanks to Miranda, a 2nd grader who made this beautiful art last week.

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