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Fashion Week Manifesto

By Shugavery @ThinkIncognito
 Though we are Monday and I should show you an outfit, instead, I will speak about my thoughts on Fashion Week, after all we are nearly there.

Fashion Week Manifesto

Kaal E. Suktae, Low Classic Studio, Lie Sang Bong

So here we are, we are nearly there, the most frenetic month of the fashion world has finally arrived, I mean the Fashion Week. Actually we have already been put into it since the Men Fashion Week has begun, but this is nothing compared to what will be coming : a complete bombing of the last trends seen on the catwalks.
How I feel about Fashion Week ? Can I say that I already feel some symptoms of fashion overdose ? Well, I adore fashion, sincerely, if not what would be the use of this blog ? But I always start feeling nauseaous during FW because everything comes and goes so fast that it really is difficult for me to digest all this fashion. Then eventhough we are discovering new collections I always have the feeling that they are speaking about the same brands, the same designers, you know Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent (that recently got divorced with Yves, Hedi how dare you !), Balmain, Dries Van Noten, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton etc..I love all these designers but why not give some space to the less famous ones to get some fresh freshness or speaking about the other FW, you know the ones that are not happening in NYC, Paris, Milan and London ? It has come to a point that I found FW boring.

Fashion Week Manifesto

Lee Young Hee, Kaal E. Suktae

But, this doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to go to one to feel the atmosphere, to see how it feels to be at a catwalk, to see the models strolling on it, feel all the hysteria, the turmoil that surrounds this event.But since I don't have yet the possibility to go to one, I'll stick to my computer and livestreaming.So before digressing more, let's answer the question that made me wrote this post : Why I won't speak about FW on Incognito ?First of all, I think there are so much blogs, printed and online magazines that are speaking about it that I don't see the interest in adding more noise to this fashion cacophony, then there are bloggers that are covering FW so well that I also don't feel the interest in doing it. Oh I almost forgot to say that speaking about FW and covering it well are two different things. Just sayin'. Then I thought about me, I mean you, my readers, why are you coming on Incognito and what are you expecting to find here ? Sincerely, though I like high fashion, I can't afford it and I assume that for the majority of you reading Incognito it is the same. You all know that what makes Incognito is curiosity, hence my choice to do my own Fashion Week proposing you some outfit ideas « If I were to go to FW I would wear.. », introduce you to designers that you may have not heard of yet (and affordable ones for some) and do some reflection on the fashion world.
So what do you think about my FW program ? Let me know in the comments !
ps : Fancy come back around 4pm for an other post ? If you do so I'll love even more !

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