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By Charmemodeblog
About a week ago I went to Barnes and Noble, and looked through their "Bargain Priced" section.  (They always have so many great deals!)I was searching for some books that are related to fashion. (What else can I look for, right?)I didn't find a lot, but I found this one.  It's called "The Elements Of Personal Style".  And, of course, I had to have it.  Especially if it has been marked down from $30 to $8.  It is from 2010, but the reason I got it (besides the price) was because all of the clothes in the book is what most of us wear today (not like 3 years is a long time!).
Fashion Book Review

I don't really buy fashion books, I usually prefer magazines, like Glamour, Elle, Vogue, etc.But this time I wanted something I could actually put on my book shelf, and go back to it as much as I want in the future.  (Magazines tend to pile up somewhere, and then I just throw them away)
So, it pretty much covers 25 fashion icons.  Some of them are more famous than the others, like Lea Michele, Fergie, Ashley Greene, Christina Hendricks, Alicia Keys, Milla Jovovich, and other famous women.  They mostly describe their own style, but they do give some tips on how to put pieces together, and say what's important to have in a closet in their opinion.This book has a lot of pictures, which I love.(What kind of fashion book would that be if it didn't have a single picture?)They describe the different styles of all of the women, so any girl with any style, who reads this book, will find it somewhat useful. (Except for punk girl, not that something is wrong with it).
Here are couple of my favorite pages in the book:
Fashion Book Review
Fashion Book Review

The bottom line is I wouldn't buy it for the original price ($30), but for $8 - why not?
If you want to get this book, go to Barnes and Noble, I think they even sell it for less now.
Thanks for reading!I hope you liked the review.Have a wonderful start of the week!

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