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Fashion at It's Core

By Cgajid @cgajid
At Vinchi HQ we believe that fashion has it's core elements, it's obvious really.
So, let's think right back to where the core of fashion could of come from: The Victorians! Now looking at their clothing in old magazines/museums we all think who on earth would wear something like that? But this is why this era of fashion is the core and the beginning of development and re-creation of fashion as we know it today.
  • In the 1830s the peticoat was created, woven with crinoline which is a linen material woven with horse hair (we had to look this one up) so there's a little historical fact for you
  • 1840s flounces were added to the full skirts which gave an illusion of extra skirt width, much like the puffball or skater skirts that we are all familiar with :)
Fashion at it's Core
  •  in 1846 flat pleating which gave even more width, very similar to Alexa Chung's skirt shown above. After 1845 double flounced skirts helped push the shape out, making the skirt look even broader.
  • Finally in 1856 the cage was introduced, *God I would hate to wear one of those things*. These were designed to give the skirt maximum fullness. With this support the ladies only had to wear one petticoat to soften the cage ridges, you can imagine how uncomfortable they must have been! However cheeky sudden gusts of wind often blew the crinolines sideways so wearing long drawers became the essential underwear... How Flattering...

As we can see, the Victorians have made a huge impact on fashion today, particularly in skirts, although we are glad those cages are out of the scene :P
Another thing the Victorians set off for fashion today is hats and head pieces which were a huge thing amongst the ladies in this time: The bigger the better! And the bigger the richer. It is clear this has taken its toll on fashion today as some of the most famous and top designers love to design broad statement head pieces. For example Phillip Treacy who is world famous for designing some of Gaga's insane head pieces, one particular extrodinaire would be her lobster head piece...
Fashion at it's Core
Absolutely insane but yet an amazing creation.
ArVinchi we have stars in our eyes for Victorian Era. We know how much it has helped shape Fashion as we know it, our website offers a fabulous range of clothes, jewelry and accessories developed from the core of fashion, the sweetest apple known to man: The Victorians
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Lots of love
Vinchi x

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