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Farrah Grinds My Gears.

By Mikidemann @mikidemann

I am sure some, OR most of you watch Teen Mom right? As you should know, it’s the final season of Teen Mom, the “cast” is Farrah, Maci, Catelyn and Amber. I really do like this series, mostly because it’s full of drama. However when I am watching it, I find myself being pretty judgmental. It’s a little hard not to be when they show Maci taking Bentley to swim lessons and trying to go to school and work, while they show Amber in rehab. It’s not hard to take sides. I side with the majority of Teen mom’s audience when I say:

I respect and admire Maci

I don’t think Amber will ever change, she’s awesome at blaming everyone else for her own problems.

Catelynn and Tyler are legit and made a good decision with adoption.

Now we will spend this post analyzing my utter hatred for Farrah.

Farrah… oh Farrah.

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For some reason I always think I have judges her to harshly when the season end. I always try and give her chances, that is what makes me so mad, she’s so good at proving me wrong time and time again. Mostly just when that one episode aired that her mom had hit her, I thought I needed to reevaluate how she was raised and why she acts like a spoiled brat, who will never have a friend. When you see how dysfunctional Farrah’s Parents Debra and Michael are with each other and her, you can see why Farrah is always going to be a disaster. She is stuck up, ungrateful, and has horrible communication issues. She can’t say thank you, expects everything to be handed to her, and when she TOLD her dad (she did not ask) that he was driving all her things to FL while she flew, I about lost it. Somehow I kept myself poised through that episode. Let me say this: I don’t think Farrah is a bad mom, from what I see. I do think that she will raise Sofia to act just like she does. Also Farrah throws tantrums as bad as Sofia does.

Anyway, this season Farrah has moved to Florida. I assume she is living off her parents money, because she only had a job for a minute and a half. Even when she was supposed to be separated from her parents she lived in their rental home, which was insanely nice. She didn’t have to pay rent, and still lived 100% off her parents. They watch Sofia more often then not. Now that she’s moved from their home, I still think that her parents must have bought all her furniture in Florida, because it’s not “college student”/“single, struggling mom” furniture right? Plus how is she affording tuition and housing and daycare? i am still betting on her parents money.

It wouldn’t drive me so batty that she lives off her parents if she didn’t do things like...

Farrah went into the pet store to buy a 10 CENT fish with (assumed) her mom’s credit card. She decided that instead she would walk out with a french bulldog. A FRENCH BULLDOG! French bulldogs are NOT cheap! Anywhere between $1500- $5000. They have tons of health problems like hip dysplasia, breathing disorders, cherry eye, and wrinkle infections. They require baths often and every night you must wash out their wrinkles with baby wipes. I know this because I have a bulldog. Mine is an english bulldog, but they’re very similar. I know this because more than anything I want a French Bulldog to join our family. I have been looking at them online and at rescues for the past year. I have insurance on my bulldog, because she gets hurt and needs extra care. I buy her special food, because bulldogs don’t digest well. Shia (my bulldog) is as much work as a child. Let me remind you of this FARRAH GAVE AWAY her last dog, because “it was hyper”. What makes her think she can take care of one of the most high maintenance breeds on the planet if she couldn’t put up with a hyper puppy? She never even got around to potty training the other dog, she just put diapers on it because she didn’t have time. Now her poor new dog has no idea the life it’s just been dealt. I highly doubt Farrah will keep this dog either, and it will probably end up with another “friend” or a family member. Can you tell I am worked up? I am getting steamy ears just thinking about that episode.

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I am a very passive person. I hate confrontation, but I think if I saw Farrah in real life, I’d have my first ever confrontation. Maybe even pull a little hair. We’re probably the same age, so it’s a fair fight. I just hate that she walked into that store for a FISH and came out with a FRENCH BULLDOG. She wanted a fish as she tells the worker, because she couldn’t handle her last dog. UGH! I seriously am about ready to head to FL and steal a frenchie.

Farrah grinds my gears.

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