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Famous People And Idiots– How Many Can You Name?

By Mrstrongest @mrstrongarm

I’ve been working on some projects, and have fallen behind in my blog posts, so I shall dip once more into the archives… (insert dramatic piano chord here).

I’ve always loved caricatures, and I’ve done a lot of them– some for assignments, others simply to promote my work. Here’s an assortment, I hope you’ll recognize some of them. Answers at end of post.

Note: There are puns and jokes in some of the caricatures. I’ll list these at the end as well.

caricatures of blues guitarist B.B. King playing his guitar Lucille and Roman Catholic Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen surrounded by children with chalkboard with JMJ and little angel from his TV show Life Is Worth Living

actress Calista Flockhart famous for starring in TV series Ally McBeal and actor Sylvester Stallone as boxer character Rocky in his most famous movie

rock group Green Day with front man and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and Hu Jintao former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China with little owl wearing red star army hat

actress Jennifer Aniston famous for playing Rachel Green on TV sitcom Friends, and abstract artist Pablo Picasso being kicked by former American president George W. Bush dressed as Uncle Sam

caricature of Who guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend playing Union Jack guitar and soaring through space, Albert Einstein playing violin in background, other members of rock group Who visible in background with Boris The Spider

End of caricatures, scroll down for answers.

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1. Blues guitarist B.B. King, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (“Life Is Worth Living”)

2. Actress Calista Flockhart (“Ally McBeal”), actor Sylvester Stallone (“Rocky”)

3. Rock group Green Day, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Hu Jintao

4. Actress Jennifer Aniston (“Friends”), artist Pablo Picasso, former U.S. President George W. Bush

5. Who guitarist Pete Townshend

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Puns & Jokes:

1. B.B. King is playing two bees and a crown, “spelling” out his name.

2. There’s a little angel on Bishop Sheen’s chalkboard. He would write on it during his television show, sometimes completely filling it up. He would then walk away from it, and continue speaking. When he returned to it, the board would be clean– and he’d thank his “little angel” for helping him out.

3. Everybody knows owls say “Who?” This particular owl is saying “Hu.” A single red star is a symbol for communism.

4. Picasso is receiving a swift kick while holding his anti-war painting, Guernica.

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