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Famous Gingers – Damian Lewis

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Damian Lewis

damien lewis

Posh English Actor who made his name is American TV Blockbusters such as Band of Brothers and Homeland.

He is in discussions with Paramount to play the role of Huggy Tufty-Bumlick-Bear in the re-remake of 70′s cop classic Starsky and Hutch, in the style of Downton Abbey.

“I say old bean, top hole or what? The word on the boulevards is that this Huggy chap, c’est moi by the by, is hearing bad vibrations that plenty of hot weather is to be laid down in the off license on 3rd and 4th just of East 29th. Toodle pip.” Damian is said to be “excited” about playing a black street hustler in da ghetto and has a flat cap that is just perfect for the role.

He has pimped his Butler in order to immerse himself in the role. Not in that way you understand.

Some things you may not know about Damian;

  • He has won “Turtle Neck Jumper Wearer Of The Year” more times than anyone (more than even Pierce Brosnan or Michael Keaton!)
  • He can make an omelet without breaking an egg
  • He once spent three years in the Amazon searching for the Snub Nosed Warbler, the rarest Toad on the planet. With no success.

turtle neck

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