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Family Style

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys I’m back for another day complete with two posts. Life is lookin’ up. I even got in a little fitness. I actually burnt 361 calories (7,228 steps) grocery shopping and running errands. Crazy huh?!


Max took me out for dinner and a move. Whoot Whoot, Date Night!


We went to Olive Garden for a “family style” meal… their commercials are so cheesy! And that pun was not intended. But I just so happen to be in love with their soup so we go occasionally.

I ordered the cheese stuffed ravioli with marinara sauce and it comes with a bowl of soup, I thought about the zuppa toscana but went with the minestrone since I thought it would go better with my pasta.


Gotta get that parm on top.


Here’s my ordering secret for Olive Garden… always order the lunch portion!

The portions are huge! I still only eat about half of the lunch portion. Plus it’s cheaper.


Oh cheesy cheesy!

Do you want to know the other thing I absolutely love about Olive Garden… they give you complimentary dessert.


I did so good today with my healthy food choices and my fitness goals.

Here’s a screen shot of my Lose It! day.

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