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Fall 2012 Ad Campaigns

By Vitadimoda @Maria_Litizia
Fall 2012 Campaigns
A new season and whole new set of campaigns. Fall is just around the corner, along with Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out and some other personal things for me such as: starting my Fashion Communications degree, relocating to England and just creating a new chapter in my life.
Fall is probably my favorite time of year, so naturally I get a little excited when a new set of trends and campaigns are put on show. After coming across Lanvin's new Fall 2012 Campaigns and falling in love, I have decided to not only share the video with you, but to scour the internet and bring you my top three Fall 2012 Campaigns at the moment. First up, Lanvin.
Lanvin have decided to focus on 'real life' people for their new season campaign, with each person giving a little monolog of their lives. It's actually rather comical and I love that the new collection is shown on real people and not models, so to show that it isn't just models who can wear Lanvin. The clothes themselves? Well, they look fantastic. I love the jewel tones and elegant cuts: especially the peplum tops and pencil skirts. The second campaign that I am going to share with you is from Juicy Couture Jeans. The ad features Karlie Kloss on a beach in California and portrays her a feisty woman who doesn't take men hitting on her lightly. In a nutshell, anyway. My fiance watched the campaign video and said "what a bitch". Well, he's a man, so that was expected given that the men in this campaign are just annihilated. I think Karlie looks great and the clothes just as good: I'm even thinking of purchasing a pair of Juicy Couture jeans now that I've seen them kick some male egotistical ass. 

The last campaign for Fall 2012 I am going to share with you is from high street retailer Zara. Freja Beha and Cara Delevingne grace Zara's Woman and TRF campaigns and both look stunning to say the least. Most of you will have seen said campaigns if you've visited Zara's website recently, but I just had to share them here as well. Both models look gorgeous in the B&W shoots, and lend their personalities perfectly to the collections. If you were deciding whether or not to buy your Fall 2012 wardrobe from Zara purely by watching the campaigns, I think the resounding answer would be a yes! I've already purchased a pair of new season oriental print trousers from the TRF collection (shown here) and I can't wait to fill the rest of my wardrobe with their new season pieces.
What do you think of these campaigns? Are there any out there right now that you've just totally fallen in love with? 

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