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'Fairyland of the British Isles'

By Carolineld @carolineld
Reginald Wellbye's book Picturesque Touring Areas in the British Isles was published in 1930, and while it may not be an entirely reliable guide today, the adverts in it are fascinating. 
One attraction caught my eye; can you guess where it is? It offered 'unrivalled Gardens and Grounds' in 'The Fairyland of the British Isles' for just a shilling admission. For the active, there was 'Boating and Fishing on the Lakes'; while the hungry and thirsty were assured of 'Adequate Catering'!
This 'fairyland' had been open to the public since 1924. Hugely popular at the time, it remains successful today although entrance is now rather more than a shilling. 

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