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Fail? Maybe?

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Well lunch was… Confusing. And I forgot to photograph so it could have been a failure on multiple levels.

Here’s what happened.

I work at my Dad’s office on Mondays Wednesday’s and Fridays and on those days we always eat fast food for lunch. I don have a problem with it because I’m sort of an ace at ordering healthy things at drive-throughs. Plus it makes me feel like get a little treat, everyone needs a little of that in life.

In an attempt to order something South Beach friendly I ordered the BLT Cobb salad with the vinaigrette dressing and a diet coke. I chose it because there was no bread product and the salad was loaded in protein from the blue cheese, chicken breast, bacon and hard boiled egg.

I only ate half the salad because when I read the nutrition label on the salad I saw that there were 40 grams is carb in that salad. Probably from how thugs were cooked. So now I’m feeling like I failed a little at lunch.

On a better note…



I had a perfect Florida inspired snack. A mini Babybel light with a few cups of delicious raw celery. I know some of you have to think I’m nuts, but I love me my celery!

So my question now is…
If you’ve done he low carb or South Beach Diet is blue cheese off the menu? I cant find it on the allowed or not allowed list.

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