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Facebook Survey Allows You To Say Which Kinds Of Posts You Don’t Like. Here’s 3 Things We’d Like To See Less…

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Marketwatch reports that Facebook has created an optional survey, where users can look at posts, and rate them on whether they would like to see similar posts in their news feeds. The goal is apparently to reduce the priority and number of annoying posts in your newsfeed. You can reportedly be asked to participate by clicking on the “X” in the corner of a post you find annoying.

3 Posts We’d Like To See Less Of On Facebook

1. Tweets of what your Facebook Friend just said on Twitter that automatically go into their Facebook newsfeed, too. That would be like if someone stuck a Whopper in the middle of your Big Mac! A third bun is supposed to go in the middle of the Big Mac (unless Taco Bell parent company Yum! Brands buys McDonald’s, in which case, enjoy your new Doritos-instead-of-a-bun Big Macs.)

2. Posts that get off track and forget what the original point was. (For example, see our paragraph one for an example of how to write like that.)

3. Posts where people mention they are blessed, where the Pope is not actually blessing them. We’re not saying they are not blessed. We’re just saying #blessed with a pic of the Pope would be much cooler than a pic of them sneezing on their friend’s iPhone camera lens.


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