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Facebook Round-up: Is Manchester United's Momentary Lapse of Concentration a Cause for Concern in Their Push for the 20th League Title?

By Sungame31 @sungame31

Making up a deficit of 5 points to surge 8 points ahead, and then dropping points to Wigan, supporting United is a rollercoaster ride, asks the Facebook groups for more.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester unitedGettyAs Sir Alex's army gets closer to their 20th league title, the defeat to Wigan can be a concern for the defending Champions. tries to find out what fans on Facebook have to say about the eight points lead coming down to five points, and whether Roberto Mancini and his mercenaries can actually catch up with the defending Premier League championsFacebook Round-up: Is Manchester United's momentary lapse of concentration a cause for concern in their push for the 20th league title?Abhishek Singh: Five points lead and so much experience, it would take some Black Magic from Mancini, Balotelli and Tevez to overcome the Hurdle, Hard and most likely impossible for Manchester City.Darshan Chajed: Can't call the loss against Wigan coming from complacency. One off day, hopefully. The run in now suddenly doesn't look that easy. But with Manchester City relying on players with mindset of Tevez and Balotelli, it’s still very much United's to lose. Typical United. Huffing and puffing, but just not down. That word on the inside of the shirt, right behind the crest: RELENTLESS.Alan Abraham Eapen: They are mostly known for making life difficult for the team and the supporters alike in the initial part of the season. They are not known for surrendering towards the end of the season no matter what position they are in the league. But this time around all the teams are chipping in with surprises. United's big danger now just as with the other night, against Wigan, is their complacency. They still got a couple of tough fixtures coming up. Both Everton and Sunderland are playing good recently so will be hard to get a win against them. Though under Alex Mcleish Villa are struggling, we still can’t consider them as pushovers either. Villa is known for giving their own share of surprises to the top four teams throughout the league history. Title race is wide open as United can't afford to drop anymore points now. And City will be all charged up knowing this and if you consider Balotelli's ban for the remaining fixtures might just work as the perfect boon for them. So it’s United's title to lose from here on. But very unlikely.Darshan Rubio: It’s not of major concern! They are still five points ahead. Having seen them over the years, I can safely assume they are going to get it done. It’s in them, they thrive under pressure.
Hardcore Football Fans:Facebook Round-up: Is Manchester United's momentary lapse of concentration a cause for concern in their push for the 20th league title?Vishal Gupta: It's a blip, Rather than anything else. United still are favorites to win the title because of the 'Been there done that factor’. If you have asked SAF at the start of the season will you take this position (Being five points ahead and five games to go) he would have taken it without a doubt.Rajdeep Citizen: The derby will play a big part to decide the title should City win all its remaining five games and United lose to us and then draw, the goal difference will play the crucial role.Raktim Madridista: It's natural to drop points on the road, more so against a very confident Wigan side. United will recover from this. Nani and Jones have come back from injury so that'll help. It's now United's title to lose. Even if they lose the Manchester derby, they'll go on to win the title! SAF knows what it takes to win the league.

Football Fanzone:

Facebook Round-up: Is Manchester United's momentary lapse of concentration a cause for concern in their push for the 20th league title?Gunner Akhilesh Bagri: The fact that United have often been in pressure situations leading up to the final surge, and have been good at it in the Premiership era (the years before the PL they were very volatile even toward the end).

Football Asylum:

Akash Dharmawat: No, because Manchester United have already been there, done that. The Wigan game was just a one off. Manchester United always ups their game when required, at least when it comes to the Premier League and they still have a 5 point cushion with only 5 games remaining. I see them lifting their 20th come May.Nemat Shaikh: Our lapse in concentration has been a concern all season, and hurt us a lot in all competitions. Thankfully we have a five point cushion here, and with just five more games to go, the pressure is on City.It’s all too familiar for us, this run in, will take a massive turn around if we are not to win the league from this point, and I don't see that happening. Having said that, I think both teams will drop still more points in the final five match days.Sayantan Ghosh: No. Because we have an experienced manager in Sir Alex who will do a quick analysis on what went wrong and quickly rectify it. SAF knows the title isn’t won yet and will make sure that players understand the same. He has been there and he has done that. But in a way it is good that this defeat came now. This will surely make us buckle up for the remaining games. This is their wake up call.


Facebook Round-up: Is Manchester United's momentary lapse of concentration a cause for concern in their push for the 20th league title?Srayan Goswami: If they can get all the six points in the next two home matches before going to Etihad. They'll get back the confidence to give a competitive performance and win at Etihad.But as far as it's been seen, we need Paul Scholes very badly in all the remaining fixtures, because without him Carrick won't look like a world class central midfielder. And if PS22 stays on the wings, they will get tons of passes allowing them to create plenty of chances for scoring.They just need to stay confident and fit, 20th will follow automatically.Sukhi Red: This is not new, we have seen this time and again. When we are comfortable or we have an opportunity to shut things down, we always give our rivals a tiny bit of hope and keep things alive.It is not at all surprising, United had to drop points at some stage and Wigan has come early. Like Sir Alex Ferguson has said time and again: "We just make it hard for ourselves". We will eventually get there but we always do it the hard way.Also that United fans and the camp are wary of the possible disaster of slipping up again (derby exclusive), the shock of the Europa humiliation would be a constant source of determination I would presume.I cannot see United lose a five point gap in the last five games, rather an eight point gap in the last six. That said, if they do scoff this, I think the cycle of EPL power change (not necessarily to City) (including the downfall {understatement} of traditional top four contender Pool, sudden surge of NUFC so on and so forth) would well and truly be in motion.

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