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Facebook Friends From High School Repellent That Sticks.

By Kelly Speechless @KellySpeechless
Getting Rid of Those Old Facebook Friends Who Are Not Contacts, Not Your Friends, and Most Certainly Not Anyone You Want IN Your Shit~I am doing you a favor...first off..
Why did you except their requests in the first place? 
Answer: You wanted to see how hopefully horrible lives they were living. Now that you have seen that most of them are overweight or have seen enough of them period and just want, "news," to mean something here is what you do. 
1. Restrict all of the mother fuckers.  2. Grow some balls just in case someone see's what is below and do it. I did today. With all the maturity and lady like gravel I could muster to fit in my orange box of tic tacks, I wrote the following below: 
Dear Everyone from high school who I never talk to:
You can't see this because I rejected all of you. I am sorry I accepted your "friend," requests in the first place. I only did so in order to fulfill my desire to see for myself what I heard most of you physically turned into. But sadly, most of your overall weight gain didn't suffice my urge to get rid of your boring, pointless, dry, stupid generic, horny for PTA position, and words that are more fake than my orange tan, fake eyelashes, and future Botox sessions. Blocking the unimportant news wasn't enough for me anymore-in an entertainment sense.
Anyway, if you are in the category of friends from high school who I neither talk to or like and are not restricted yet, you know you don't apply, or I forgot to put your sorry ass under restriction. You will be there soon. Restricted had to be the choice because I am lucky enough to not to see any of you fuckers in the grocery store so considering you soul blind enigmas acquaintances would make as bunch sense as your picture smile: pointless acts that should only be saved for the neighbor's spot.
I didn't de-friend you because that would open Pandora's box and frazzle dazzle to much even though you don't give a fuck. Go Fuck your mother.
P.S. You know who I am talking about
HAHA BITCHES-My skin is better and I still smoke cigarettes! I am skinny as hell and going to be rich without being on an allowance! 

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