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By Candyfairy

~  AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER ESSENCES  ~Love SystemIntensive Eye Serum! SERUMApplying some kind of eye cream or serum hasn't always been a part of my regular skincare routine.So bad I know and now that I'm in my early 30's I regret not using it every single day a whole lotsooner! I have been applying eye cream/serums on and off for probably the past 7-8 years, mainlyjust with various samples I had received as you only need to use such a tiny amount per application,they lasted me ages! In doing this however, I have never found that special one which stood out to memore than the rest. Until now...
Recently I have had the opportunity to try this Intensive Eye Serum made by the lovely folks overat Australian Bush Flower Essences and now I can't imagine not using this as such an essentialpart of my skincare regime. The skin around the eye area is much thinner and therefore needs alittle extra care and is also prone to dryness so it is so important that we look after the skin in thisarea as they surround the windows to our soles and frame our precious eyes. I like to think of it asyou wouldn't put a beautiful, meaningful photo into a rickety, unloved frame would you? Same withyour eyes. It is simple to replace a picture frame, yet much harder to replace and repair the skinaround your delicate eyes and it is so easy to prevent the aging process and look after it. It justtakes about an extra five or so seconds in your daily skincare routine. I am so glad to have wokenup to this epiphany as I just know I would have regreted it if I kept on ignoring this vital step inmy routine and woke up one day to droopy, winkly and tired looking eyes much older than my actual age and soul believes.
There is a beautiful quote written on the box this product came in and I want to share it with youbecause it rings so true to life and appreciating and nurturing what we have.
"My eyes are the window to my soul, I will let my soul shine, and reflect everything I am withconfidence, and gaze upon creation with gratitude."
It also says -
- Love Your Body - Love Your Soul - Love Who You Are -
These are such inspiring affirmations which I need to remind myself of each day because if youdon't love yourself, how can you love others? This is especially important to me as I have youngchildren who I need to set a good example for and really live through example.
 The formulation of this serum is clear and white which feels soothing on the skin and instantlywakes up my eyes in the morning. When applied after my shower and using the Love System'sFace Wash Serum it has a relaxing feel to it after a long day and the scent is very natural and smellslike walk through an Aussie bush trail on a warm Summer day. 
Ingredients in this Intensive Eye Serum include Australian Bush Flower Essences of - Billy Goat Plum, Crowea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Mulla Mulla, Old Man Banksia, She Oakand Wisteria.
What I love and is so unique about this product is in the ingredients which are so different in that theyuse the essences of rare Australian bush flowers as well as rose stem cells. The same ingredients which give these plants their beauty are then used on our own skin to share in that beauty. I just love this cleverly blended invention!
Australian Bush Flower Essences use 85% certified organic ingredients and this product currentlyRRP's for $26.95. (Click here to find out more!)
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