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Eye Candy : Ji Chang Wook for 1st Look

By Rolala @rolalaloves
Ji Chang Wook, 지창욱, Ji Chang Wook 2020, Ji Chang Wook Backstreet Rookie,Ji Chang Wook's handsome visage is front and center as he embodies the "Forever Young" concept in this editorial for 1st Look magazine. The youthful charm of the 32 year old actor shines as he models a range of colorful and stylish looks. Chang Wook is currently starring in the drama Backstreet Rookie with Kim Yoo Jung which my husband and I are now watching. Judging by all the online reactions, this show is a little polarizing and I can see why. It's based on an adult webtoon that is being spun as a family friendly romance because it's on network so it suffers a bit of an identity crisis, there is one character portrayal which can be viewed as offensive and the plot is paper thin at this point. I'm into it because I'm just taking it for what it's worth, a light and fluffy live action manga with a sassy and assertive heroine and a slightly hapless but well meaning hero. While I love Chang Wook in action roles, he is just as skilled in comedy and his goofiness in this drama is totally endearing and adorable. Kim Yoo Jung is cute too and I'm glad he finally gets  to work with a skilled actress again but I wish they would tone down down her makeup. It's so heavy that it looks like a mask and that orange eyeshadow is ugly AF.
Photographer: Kim Do Won // Editor: Lee Yeon Woo // Stylist: Ji Sang EunHair: Cheon Ah Ram // Makeup: Lee Su Ji

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