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Exploring L.A-la Land

By Crustabakes

Hi all!

Sorry i havent been baking.

I have  been busy celebrity sighting

Exploring L.A-la Land

That’s right. That’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I am currently vacationing the city of Los Angeles! And i absolutely absolutely love it here!

Exploring L.A-la Land

Can you spot the celebrated “hollywood” sign?

Sorry for the bad picture. This was taken while i was on board a city tour bus.

I didn’t know how to get nearer to the sign.

Is it even possible to get nearer to the sign?

Exploring L.A-la Land

Well, at least this sign is bigger.

THE Beverly Hill.

The city with the most luxurious homes and perfectly manicured lawns.

Homes of the rich and famous.

Exploring L.A-la Land

Not to forget Rodeo Drive.

The shopping district tenanted by the highest fashion brands, with the corresponding steep price tags to prove.

Exploring L.A-la Land

I also had a milkshake.

Exploring L.A-la Land

A milkshake crafted by teen sensation, Miley Cyrus. for the Milkshake shop, Millions of Milkshake.

It was vanilla ice cream, blended with cookie dough and reese’s PB Cuups.

Miley really knew how to design a milkshake.

I smiled for a mile as i walked and drank this milkshake.

Despite all that, i unfortunately didn’t spot any celebrities.

Exploring L.A-la Land

except for these two bozos, Buzz and Woody.

Two best friends chilling and chatting on the streets of Hollywood.



With all these going on, baking will have to wait for now.

I have to explore this wondrous city of LA.

Where the people are all so friendly,

And the weather so fine and balmy.

YAY for LA!

Exploring L.A-la Land

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