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Expat Expectations in Dubai

By Thehedonista @the_hedonista
Expat Expectations in DubaiThe honeymoon is over.
For the first time since April 2008, just recently, I decided that Dubai is "home". I'm sure it has quite a bit do with an excessive amount of travel recently. It's hard being homesick when your home is not really home, and so I would imagine that subconsciously I have been reaching out for a physical link to some place on this Earth. Now, it would seem, I have become so accustomed to Dubai, it is no longer a holiday. It is no longer exotic. It is mundane. Everyday. Sometimes, it even really gives me the poops.
When I return to Australia I seem to get three different responses to people learning that I live in Dubai. The first is what mine would have been, four years ago: "You're kidding! That must be amazing! Tell me all about it..." The second is probably closer to what mine would be now: "Really? Do you like it? Is is hard?" And the third generally comes from people born pre-1950: "Why?" and is accompanied by a sneer of disbelief, and usually a sidestep, and then further questions, such as: "Are you allowed to drive?" and "Do you live in a compound?" and "Are you safe?"
So, this is for all the folks back home, and those who are considering a move here. A brief and truthful summary of all the things I have noticed recently, and enjoyed or put up with over the past few years. What an Aussie expat should expect....
What you will miss
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