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Exercise Routines to Maintain Good Health

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Health_news

Exercise Routines to Maintain Good Health

Cardio workouts are essential for maintaining good health. There are plenty of cardio exercises that can keep you trim and healthy. Exercising is a good practice that needs to be worked out every day. Though time may be difficult to accommodate exercise routine, but it is highly advisable to fix time to carry out exercises daily.

In this article a set of cardio exercises to lose weight, improve heart rate and overall health are discussed:

  • Cycling- Cycling is one of the simplest exercises one could involve oneself with. Though it may be simple it is the most effective of all exercises as it works out all parts of your body. You can burn plenty of calories through cycling and keep your body fit and in shape.
  • Running- Running is a rigorous workout that stretches your calf and thigh muscles to give a balanced workout. It is important to wear comfortable shoes to prevent any ache or muscle sores. A 30 minute running habit can keep a person in great shape and pump blood effectively. So start your day with an early morning run and see the difference it makes in your life.
  • Stretching Exercises- Sometimes it is difficult to perform exercise routines outdoor; in such cases indoor exercise routines can do the job. Indoor exercises are as effective as running or cycling or any outdoor activity. You can burn as much calories as outdoor exercise simply at the comfort of your living room. You can learn stretching exercises and workout in sets of 3 for an effective workout.
  • Skiing- As interesting as it may sound, skiing is an effective workout and at the same time a recreation sport. Since both the upper and lower body is involved while skiing it can give a whole workout to your body.

The cardio exercises are not limited to what is mentioned here. You could always invent new exercises to give a nominal workout for your heart to function steadily.

Lifestyle choices also play a great role in maintaining your cardio health. Keep away from bad lifestyle choices like smoking or excessive drinking. Also keep an eye on what you are eating, stay away from foods that have high cholesterol level. Follow these tips and make a positive difference in your life. Take action now because “Now” is the time.

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