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Exclusive: Catch My Ear Q&A; with Aurah

Posted on the 24 May 2013 by Catchmyear @catchmyear

Last week Aurah had the honor to be our download of the week.  So we thought we would get to know them a little bit more for you!  We were able to sit down and ask them a few questions.  Enjoy.

Aurah 1
Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us at Catch My Ear to talk about your music.  I have to say I love the cover the both of you did for “Three Little Birds (Bob Marley Cover)”, which is why it was our download of the week on 5/17/13.  What made you decide to re-do that song?
We’ve always loved Bob Marley’s music. At first the idea of doing a cover was intimidating because we don’t come from a reggae background. But we felt the song has such a powerful vibe and message that it’s worth paying homage to, put our inhibitions aside and just jam in the studio and see what would come out.

Was it hard to stay true to what Bob Marley did and how were you able to make it your own?
We hope we were inspired by a similar spirit then Bob. Whether we succeeded we’ll leave up to the listeners to decide!

You also just released another song, which is available on iTunes, called “Khorwa”.  What is the meaning of this song and what made you write it?
Khorwa,” a Tibetan term for “the circle of life,” and an exploration of opposites.  The song combines our shared love and vision of a naturally serene world, contrasted by the high tensions and excitement of city life.

Will you be releasing a EP or full length album any time soon?
Yes! “Summon the Sky” will be coming out in August.

What type of music are you two working on right now?
We are putting the finishing touches on some remixes of “Khorwa” and more new songs.

Will you be doing some sort of tour in the near future?
We’ve been focused on writing new material at this time but hope we’ll get back into putting a new live set together in the near future.

Have either of you heard of Summerfest?  If not it’s the biggest music festival in the world and is held at Milwaukee, WI.  Would you guys be doing any music festivals like that soon?
Summerfest is incredible and we’d love to be a part of it in the future!

I know you two went to the same school.  Have you always been friends?  What made you want to work together on music?
We went to Berklee Col of Music at the same time. Music is what brought us together. We first met in bandrooms of the local music scene in Switzerland. We both played in different bands and it was fun hanging out, playing music and dreaming about where we’d like to go and what we’d like to do when we grow up…. We’re still talking about the latter 2…J

What has been your favorite place you have performed at and why?

Aurah 2

On a 20 acre ranch at the top of the Malibu mountains. We performed with the images of the film Baraka playing on a huge screen behind us. Playing a live score to visuals has always been a dream and it was incredible!

For someone starting out in this business (which is a hard business to be getting into) what is your advice for him or her?
Follow your dreams and be yourself! Find your fortes, keep expanding your knowledge and build your own unique niche.

So we talked a lot about their new single that out called ”Khorwa“.  I was informed today that the single will have some remixes that will be released soon.  So can they make to to be our Download of The Week for a second time??  I have the video for “Khorwa” below.

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