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Excess Baggage

By Sparklepanda @sparklepanda
If I were to get a divorce (might happen), and heaven for-fend I should meet someone else that I liked (wont happen) should I just get them to read this blog first?
Who can be bothered rehashing all this dross that I carry around in my head, let alone trying to get someone new to understand it and then to accept the person it belongs to?  "You want a date? Here's the dossier. Still interested?"
If I knew all these things about a prospective partner, I would run a mile.
This is not where my life was supposed to go. I was not supposed to get to 8 years of marriage and not want to be here anymore. I certainly wasn't supposed to get to this point and have no freaking options about how this gets played out.  Feeling trapped like this makes me want to puke.
Excess Baggage

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