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Excel in School by Learning, Not Studying. Tips for Success at School!

Posted on the 23 November 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

To begin with, I say that ‘studying’ and ‘learning’ are different. The word studying creates a picture in my mind, of somebody trying to gather more knowledge just because someone’s forcing them to, and not because he is interested.  This is not something we want. We want to learn. It’s totally different. By learning I mean to gather knowledge, with some level of interest, and of course, without any external force compelling the learner.HOW TO LEARN WELLFirst thing’s first. LISTEN to your teacher.  (Doing this can actually make the rest of the steps easier!)After you come home, I wouldn’t advise you to learn your schoolbooks right away. Relax, play or do something that makes you feel better.Then sit down to learn. What you are going to do is learn whatever you’ve been taught today, at school.Read. If you feel so, read once more. If you have doubts or portions you don’t understand, ask your teacher the next day.On weekends, revise what you have learnt, and sum up everything. Do anything you have missed or didn’t get enough time to do.Revise at least at least two weeks before exams. Set up a time table to learn the stuff. Start from the subject of the last exam first, in all aspects, it is better.That’s it! Now you know, but you’ll have to practice it! All the best!

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