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Exams Over – a Personal Achievement

By Survivingana @survivingana

She did it. The smile on her face is huge. Her first two exams since June 2010. And not only that but she is pleased with her input and what she remembered. Actually ‘pleased’ is not the word – bubbling, bursting, joyful …

Incredibly proud moment, and even if the results aren’t great, her personal achievement is just massive. To overcome anxieties, have no exemptions and props.

Her dietitian and psychiatrist have always said the as recovery progresses, the troughs and wave height gradually settle down. There is much more consistency between the waves. They don’t engulf, drown or take you down into a deep hole anymore.  Recovery is about learning about you, how to deal with life, how to respond to what is happening. The eating disorder (apart from the small restrictive eating) really didn’t feature. Sophie’s waves were fairly good, very much like a normal persons would be when facing exams.

Back then when her team said what recovery was going to entail, at that stage I couldn’t see it. It didn’t add up with the person I was seeing in my daughter. It didn’t seem possible with her heading back into major relapse at that time. But now hindsight and the journey already covered, show the team did and do know what they are talking about. They got it right.

We are celebrating tonight!!!

celebrate recovery

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