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Examples of Roles and Responsibilities in Life with List of Examples

Posted on the 06 April 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers

List of Different Life Roles People in Life

List of Different Life
Roles People in Life

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Life roles are set of responsibilities every individual is perceived to posses, exhibit and act from the day of birth till death. People play different life roles; the responsibilities and duties may change according to age, gender, location and ones' own attitude. It is your life skill, both intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence, to be aware of your own roles so that you can either change it by initiating personal change, manage it or cherish various roles of your life. Once you know what are different roles in everyday life you will be able understand your needs and the needs demanded by the society.

List of Different Life Roles People Play with Examples

1. Definition/Meaning

We can define life roles as those responsibilities that we hold all through our life at various life stages. Recognizing the roles in life requires introspection.

2. Types of Life Roles/Responsibilities

What are the different life roles you PRICE mnemonic device summarizes list of my life roles and responsibilities in life with examples that stands for: Professional Relative and Friend Inner-self Citizen Environment.


One of the most common life role that almost all of us play after college. We work to serve and contribute to the society and use all of our knowledge and skills that we learnt in school and college. From sweeper to scientist, all professions include under this life role. it also branches out into different academic and professional roles of an individual. These life roles include being a student, a job seeker, an employee of an organization, a manager, a business coach, and a mentor.


Almost all family relationships can be categorized under this category. It includes blood relations such as son/daughter, husband/wife, and father/mother (parents). This role in life can be extended up to grand father/grand mother to great grand father/great grand mother. In addition, the other relationship in the family tree such as brother/sister, nephew/cousin, uncle/aunty, in-laws can also be classified under this life role.

Examples of Roles and Responsibilities in Life with List of Examples

Love is Caring for Each Other Even When You're Angry

Importance of Roles in Life

How to Maintain Interesting Relationship with Relatives: Have perseverance Know the personality of your relatives Use polite and kind words Use courteous voice


The role of a friend has one advantage over other roles in life. Unlike blood relations, you have an option to choose your friend. Some people are good at maintaining a big friend circle, while others prefer small sphere of friendship. To lead interesting relationship with others, you need two vital abilities: 1. Be aware of others' personalities and behavior 2. Know different ways to manage and deal with them. This is called Interpersonal intelligence. It also includes effective verbal and non verbal communication skills.


It is important that you spend time for yourself, knowing your desires, your own personality. In addition, you should know how to manage yourself, your thoughts, behavior and inner conflicts. This is called intrapersonal intelligence. In fact, Intrapersonal attitude reflects in your personality sub-consciously through your oral, non-oral communication and your behavior. This inner-self role reflects ones' own self-esteem, self-image, self-behavior, self-love and self-respect. Many people love this role as it is not only nostalgic and memorable but also ambiguous and sometimes full of mystery and surprises. From experiencing infatuation to falling in love, skillfully resolving intrapersonal conflicts, handling different life situations to being helplessly watching the behavior of perceived dynamic behavior of the world, different interpretations and analysis about self-behavior, believing in certain personal values, understanding your intuitions, instinctive and intellectual self behavior, and assumable associating it with other people, and events are some examples of inner-self role in life. However, you must have patience to know yourself.


Every person represents a nation or his/her mother country. On one hand, this social role can further boil down in representing ones' own community, group, religion, caste and culture. A citizen role is different from professional role that is mentioned above.In professional life role, your basic intention is to serve the society only while in a citizen role you experience culture, community and other social relationships.


We play yet another role towards the surrounding that we live in. Though it includes leading a sustainable life, protecting our nature from pollution and over population, we can cherish the beauty of nature. We can relish our immediate environment by just enjoying the fresh air by breathing, take pleasure by simply quenching the thirst by drinking water and so on.

Quotes about Roles in Life

  • You've several life roles to play, the rule is different for each game
  • Play different roles in life like a music orchestra. sustained.
  • Balancing life is all about balancing your different life roles

Advantages of Realizing your Life Roles

  • You get more clarity on your personal values
  • Once you are aware of your roles, you can either change it by initiating personal change through self motivation
  • Harmonize your behavior, which include your etiquette and manners, towards each life role that you play.
  • Will be able to take personal decisions creatively.
  • Manage, handle and resolve both intrapersonal conflicts and interpersonal conflicts more effectively and efficiently.
  • More personalized, focused inner self-talk towards each of the role. It is also called intrapersonal communication skills.
  • Aids your creative thinking and creative problem solving in context to human relationship building.
With patience and perseverance, knowing the list of different life roles that you play will help to achieve personal excellence by persuading or empathizing your society and yourself. PRICE is a simple mnemonic/acronym that can help your remember your life roles.

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