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Exam Thoughts

By Mollylouise

Exam Thoughts
  1. Okay, I've done a lot of work for this exam, it's going to be great.
  2. Seriously I hope at least least one question is from last years paper. 
  3. Why do we have to have candidate numbers?
  4. I'm not defined by a number.
  5. I beg your Parsons.
  6. What if I get the wrong exam paper?
  7. I do not want to speak to an invigilator.
  8. Who even is this I'm writing about?
  9. If I make things up I might get a few marks.
  10. My mind has gone blank.
  11. Mind wake up.
  12. Wait a minute 5 minutes have gone by. 
  13. This is a 5 mark question, a mark a minute. 
  14. That's do able.
  15. I may as well have a stare down with the clock.
  16. My pen is running out.
  17. What if all my pens run out. 
  18. Why is everyone writing?
  19. We haven't even learnt this.
  20. How do they know this.
  21. How are people already on additional sheets of paper?
  22. Why does the invigilator keep staring at me?
  23. Are they playing the dumb/smart invigilator game?
  24. Yay! I remember this theorist. 
  25. Multiple choice! Win Win Win!
  26. If I didn't go in I wouldn't get a poor mark and they'll be no loss.Exam Thoughts
  27. Wake up and smell the sunshine, this exams will help you later.
  28. I don't want to do this.
  29. I need to stop drinking my water and get on with the exam. 
  30. Finally a question which sounds English!
  31. I'm just going to through random pieces of information here and there.
  32. That'll get me a C-grade minimum.
  33. That's get me some points. 
  34. Wait a minute it's coming to me.
  35. Oops that was false hope. 
  36. 5 minutes left. 
  37. I didn't even realize the amount I have written. 
  38. This is pretty easy. 
  39. Wow, how did I forget that for question 7B?
  40. I'll just write an extension at the end.
  41. That is going to be an A-Grade answer for sure. 
  42. "You have 5 minutes remaining" *has a little breakdown*
  43. Why did I not go to the revision sessions?
  44. Page turning, page turning, page turning
  45. Why is paper so loud and papery.
  46. "Please close your answer booklets" *sigh*
  47. That was pretty good.
  48. I wrote amazing answers.
  49. Why did I even doubt my memory. 
  50. Wait a second this paper was based around my bus revision.
  51. Score!
  52. Nailed it. 

Post inspired by Buzzfeed 93 thoughts during an exam

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