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Evolution of Time /Q&A; / YOUTUBE

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
Everything changes around us day to day and our lives can be effected by the smallest change or the largest incident and the only way to get on with life is to carry on living and to adapt to a situation...
We learn the best lessons in life from our own actions and the actions of others that surround us,
i am where i am because of the support of my family and friends and the people and the places in my life and i find that i reflect on my past and can see the lessons i have learnt and adapt to my surroundings accordingly because of my life experiences.
The Internet is a place were i feel that i can talk about everything and use my blog as a tool to document my experience so if someone looks for help and support in there life or a solution to a problem they may have they may find that by reading my blog it may let them know that they are not alone in their problems and offer them a solution or some new line of thinking to help them out.
I was asked a question by a Friend who doesn't know much about blogging why i have so many ads on my page?
Many of my readers and other people would say i am doing this for money and to just be greedy but i don't...
The reasons for the ads are so if i earn any money off my adsense (which i haven't had much) i can improve the blog and to fund small projects such as competitions and to be able to keep blogging that is the reason for all the ads... simple...
He also asked why have i never uploaded on youtube?
 At the moment the youtube community has been hit with a craze of people trying to become "YouTube Famous" i don't belive in this as the whole key to youtube is to make videos if you want to make videos.
The other thing about the community is the there are no unique videos anymore as everyone tries to jump on the bandwagon and do the same old stuff just like everyone else...  I want to make videos and to bring some kind of essence/style from my blog to the youtube community but until i am ready to bring something meaningful and constructive to the community i wont be uploading a video.
Please leave a comment about your thoughts on youtube and we could start a debate or conversation... maybe..
Thank you for reading and supporting my blog...

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