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Everything Happens for a Reason

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Everything Happens for a Reason
The sound of the trees. The wind in my hair and the pain when I hit the ground. Our path can change in an instant, without warning, if we like it or not. The course we are presently on can be altered, at any moment, by a single event that can change everything we thought was real and right in our lives. What we fail to recognize is that everything happens for a reason.

Rewind to March 2012. My business was hitting a high note. Multiple clients, several more waiting for proposals to be sent, and more coming my way on a weekly basis. Things were finally falling into place and I couldn’t be happier. But with a successful business comes sacrifice. Long hours of work accompanied by short hours of sleep and missed meals is just the reality of a small business owner. Sun up til long past sun down we work to make everything fall into place as they should. Even our health and relationships suffer due to the work-a-holic tendencies many of us have. Many of us can change without an event that is out of our control. I just wish I figured that out before the universe intervened in my life.

As my business continued to flourish, my health was taking a toll. I was unable to digest any thing without getting sick. I was on 5 hours of sleep and worked without any breaks. I started to lose weight and dropped 55 lbs without batting an eye lash. I continued to ignore my health issues and continued to work my ass off, literally. This was just the start of my downward spiral.
In addition to my body wasting away, my relationship was wasting away as well. Weekly date nights turned into nights spent working as he watched TV, both of us oblivious to each others existence. Little things turned into colossal fights and ended with sleeping in separate rooms. My relationship with my man was replaced by a relationship with work. I could hold conversations with dozens of people regarding business but I couldn’t hold a 30 second conversation with my mate. Things were reaching the boiling point, when the universe intervened.

Fast forward to April 2nd. 2012. One moment you are running, the next you are hitting the ground, shoulder first. That night, my path was changed. I had up to 12 weeks recovery due to my dislocated shoulder and the only thing I was concerned about was my business and what this would do to it. With every day that passed though, my concerns started to shift. I was more concerned with my health and when I ate. I made sure I ate breakfast and always had food with my anti-inflammatory. I was also starting to see my man in a new light. He was always sweet and caring but I was so involved with my business, I forgot why I was with him. In addition to my health improving and my relationship reaching new heights, I have found clarity within. Meditating on a daily basis has brought me to a state of contentment. All because of an injury. Funny how the universe works.

In every injury, heartbreak, tragedy and mis-step, the universe is correcting our mistakes and putting us on the path we were meant to be on. Everything happens for a reason. We just have to be wise enough to listen and go with the flow.

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