Everyone is Drugged Without Knowing It

Posted on the 16 October 2015 by Luciano Pacini
I have just recently read some news about countries whose are choosing a supposed progressive position about drugs use. In Europe, Usa, in South America, it seems that is going on some sort or social phenomenon where countries governments are increasingly opening up to legalize certain substances, like marijuana for instance.

Everyone is drugged without knowing it

This donkey is less conformist than many people

This thing made me have not just some political thoughts but first of all something regarding one personal fact. Few years ago it happened to me to be with a company of people whose smoked marijuana, and in that occasion I wasn't too much social, I guess they thought to be unconventional from society but I have been unconventional from them and in fact I still remember that I left and I went out. I don’t know if I have done that just to be different from my group, I just simply did what I felt. 
In my conception of life, even if I have never used drugs and I think that they are not usually the proper solution to problems, in any case I think that people can do what they want with their lives as long as they don't bother others.
What we just see on media is about public opinion divided between those whom agree with legalization and those whom doesn't: That's not the point, because I can say that with more controls the market could be more safe but on the other hand I can say also that governments don’t want the good of the people, they just want to control drugs markets because in that way, with taxes, they will have more money.
Anyway my dear reader, in this moment I guess you are wondering what I want to talk about exactly, because if you are here reading me it means that you know me and you know that I won't just talk about drugs, even if it can be a social topic.

Everyone is drugged without knowing it

If you become a "barcode" you have been "drugged"

So let's start in Master's style. My concept of today is that people are stupids just split themselves between those whom are for and against decisions of these politicians. The problem is bigger and more complicated than that; in fact I can say you more, my sensational revelation is that almost everyone in the entire World is drugged. The fact is that. You think that a drugged person is one whom use hashish, marijuana, cocaine, heroin so much to become addicted to them. It is not true even if it can look like that. There are a lot of more junkies in the World, not just those according to some statistics.
Politicians, journalist, people, all of those whom are talking about this topic of drugs legalization they are just talking about a problem that is smaller of what they think; they are not able to understand that, or they don’t want understand  just because they think about money. The real problem is that those people just consider material drugs, but if it was just that in this case would be even too easy resolving the problem.

Everyone is drugged without knowing it

People's minds is "more cloned" than these sheep

My absolute truth is that the worse drug is not a substance and it is something that nobody want to speak about, because if you talk you can prevent its effects, but "the system" doesn’t want that.
Also you, my dear reader you have been drugged, even if you have never used drugs; just someone else drugged you while you were doing something else. So the question now is who did drug you? Simple, there are many things around you that create conformism, materialism, a society where things are more important than people, consumerism, where people try to find happiness inside things and not into human relations. Unfortunately nobody talk about those real "drugs" as I said, because if anybody talk you can’t find solutions, at least about marijuana and other drugs all the World talks about, but about this drug that I am talking now, anybody talks about, although from your birth till your death, you have been doped all the time.
Also prejudices are a drug, and worse than other materialistics, because it is true that common drugs can kill, but also ignorance and prejudices can kill, in fact they contribute making wars between people and nations.
So my dear reader do not think that just drugs can create addictions because there are many forms of physical addictions and psychological subjections. Substances give you dependence but other type of "drugs" if they don’t kill your body they can kill your soul because it is impossible for your consciousness accepts feelings just after money.

Everyone is drugged without knowing it

The Master often swims against the tide

So it is very important be aware of all that, after we can think and behave consequently going on the right direction. Often media try to move the public attention on other topics just to hide what they don't want people know; so above all remember my dear read that even if you are against drugs, you are not completely immune from these, because there are some different "drugs" that everyday media, people and part of society want to give you, so wake up your mind and your soul and try to refuse them. It is hard but is necessary to do, to have a better vision of your life, at least without mind complex. You must be aware of the fact that this time between your birth and your death it is just a little time comparing with Universe and so it is a pity if you will spend just doing what other people wants from you. At least try to do what you really prefer. Because in every situation, even in the hardest, you still can do something, just try to see things from an higher point of view, like if you were not involved so much and even if it looks like a paradox but in that way you will see that you will find some solutions, really.

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