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Every Man’s Answer to Having a Body Like Thor’s

Posted on the 30 August 2013 by Geekasms @geekasms

Guys, if you’ve been dealing with a wife or girlfriend that has been obsessing over such hunks as Chris Hemsworth, and its been making feel just a little less like a man, here is the answer for you!  Available from Amazon for the reasonable price of just under $400 is the “Silicone Muscle Man Body Suit Transformation”!  Forget spending hours in the gym, now you can have pecks and abs in just a matter of days!!  (Please add $119.14 for shipping).  This ingenious Japanese product is beyond amazing because “it is made of silicon, muscle Muscles of lifelike, I transform myself into a body builder” <—Directly from the Amazon listing.

I can go on and on about this, and tell you how they say this is one step away from genuine muscles, but I think I’ll just let the amazing description speak for itself:

Muscle body suit of product introduction silicon, I can turn into a muscle Muscles. Wear paste the bare skin of silicon self-adhesive. Paste by turning it back a long part of the image, so paste behind your back also part of the long side, you can just wear. Size so you can adjust freely, it is both men and women can wear. Be turned into a body builder, professional wrestler, muscle man, warrior, etc., it is recommended to costume play stage-play.

There you go guys!  Your answer to never having to go to the gym!!  How can you argue with such amazing results like shown in the picture above?! Just be sure to do it with the lights off and keep your shirt on……

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