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Every Breath You Take by The Police.

Posted on the 07 April 2020 by Melodicwisdom

Hailed as one of the greatest songs by The Police, it is also considered one of the most misinterpreted.

Every Breath You Take was released in May of 1983 from the band's fifth and final album, Synchronicity. The album itself was their most popular and nominated for five awards. The single won two Grammy's for Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals.

Many people mistake this famous hit for a love song, with some couples even using it as their wedding song. However, Sting revealed the story behind the lyrics in 1983 during an interview with the New Musical Express:

"It's about jealousy and surveillance and ownership." Regarding the common misinterpretation of the song, he added: "I think the ambiguity is intrinsic in the song however you treat it because the words are so sadistic. On one level, it's a nice long song with the classic relative minor chords, and underneath there's this distasteful character talking about watching every move. I enjoy that ambiguity."

Sting had written the lyrics after his divorce with his first wife, Frances.

The song itself is considered to be both the Police's and Sting's signature song, and in 2010 was estimated to generate between a quarter and a third of Sting's music publishing income.

A dark song that conveyed such a beautiful sound and continues to pay out even to this day. Love is funny that way, right?

Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace
I dream at night, I can only see your face
I look around but it's you I can't replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying, "Baby, baby, please"

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