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Ever Wanted To Tell Someone To: “Quit Breeding!”

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10051168 Ever Wanted To Tell Someone To: Quit breeding!

I have to admit there are a few mothers I know who have large amounts of children and I know how hard that is, I have six myself. But  there are a few who go further to say they more than struggle.

They are always moaning that their kids never listen to them, that they have no money to put on the electric meter. You see them changing their Facebook status ten times a day and I wonder who is looking after their kids, when the status reads ” If this kid don’t stop crying its going out the fuc*ign window”

Firstly I hate any status’s that way, yes we all get pissed off at times and our kids can push us to the brink of insanity, but to threaten to physically harm your child, even in anger, to me is not funny.

If you plan to have a big family, then be prepared for hard work. Having a large family is not for everyobody, but some mums seem to be lets say addicted to reproducing.

You see the mothers just before Christmas in a state of panic as they have just spent the last benefit payment, yet still have to buy Christmas presents. Come on they have had all year to save a few quid. With so many kids you would have thought they would be more organised.

The mums who don’t work because they want to spend the first few years at home with their baby, which is lovely that they don’t want to miss out, but then go onto have more kid and then more kids, as if that’s a career.

Then the mothers who do not believe in contraception (not for religious reasons), are you having a laugh? Don’t want babies keep your legs closed simple or take precautions.

It is these that surprise me when a few weeks later declare they are having yet another baby.

I mean what the hell? Why have more if your struggling so much already?

Some people really should quit breeding and focus on the kids they already have.

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