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Event: Black Women’s Expo Chicago

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

I had another full weekend that included prom shopping with my brother and attending the Black Women’s Expo here in Chicago. The expo is a 3 day event that has several seminars geared towards women combined with vendors and entertainment. It was sponsored by State Farm and Walgreens and is my favorite event to attend annually for the last 5 years.

Prom shopping with my brother reminded me that 20 years ago around this time, I was shopping for my prom. I can’t believe how fast time flies; it totally made me feel like an old hag. When he asked me to chaperone some prom weekend activities, it really made me feel old, but only for about 5 minutes. I refuse to believe that I’m no longer a spring chicken. Ask me next week and you may get a different answer. Anyway, I had a great time at the Black Women’s Expo networking and meeting various vendors.


I got a peek at the 2013 Chevy Traverse and totally fell in love with its sleek design and trendy color block leather interior. When I was looking for a new SUV, I had a specific make and model that I wanted so I went online and picked it out. Talk about convenient. It didn’t cross my mind to check out the Chevy models even though my first 2 cars were made by Chevy. Next year, I may have to trade out for this beauty.


I also checked out Silver Events & Designs. They had an awesome display of their table décor for what I can only imagine a lavish wedding. My sisters and I were in awe of their elegant and beautiful designs.


I met the sexy ladies of The Romance Café who specializes in sexy lingerie, bedroom costumes, intimate toys and other romantic items. I’m all about romance and these ladies looked like they could host one hell of a party.


I purchased some beautiful cards from Good Hair Cards. They specialize in greeting cards that cater to the urban woman and her many hairstyles. I thought these cards and magnets were totally adorable.


I got a chance to chat with the reps of Entwine Couture natural hair care and picked up some travel samples of their products that included argan oil. Lots of beautiful natural hairstyles at this booth, I can’t wait to try their products out.


I met the cow and pig from Moo & Oink Meats and couldn’t help but pose for a photo. Who could resist a photo with a pig and a cow?

I was highly impressed with the Black Women’s Expo this year. In previous years, the event fell off in terms of vendors and attendance, but it came back bigger and better this year. It was super crowded and people were in there like sardines. I didn’t get a chance to visit most of the hair vendors because those were the most crowded spaces. I did miss the liquor vendors this year because a girl likes to sip while walking around being fabulous.

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