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Even out Your Skintone with LHE Radiancy Facial Treatment by Indulgence Beauty

By Yongwei318
indulgence beautykorean aqua spiral therapy before and after
Need help to even out your skin tone or get rid of those dark spots? Look no further, the answer is - Indulgence Beauty's LHE Radiancy Facial Treatment!
Read on more to find out my experience!

First, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated with a gentle scrub prior to steaming to prep for extractions.
Then, Light and Heat Energy was applied to help with evening of skin tone as well as firming of skin. How LHE Treatment works is such that it stimulates collagen to firm and tighten the skin, decreases pore size, evening of skin tone. During the treatment, you may experience a bit of heat but it is nothing that causes any discomfort.
After which, I was given a facial massage with jade ball. Hands up if you love massages like I do! Personally, I think that the sound of the jade balls provide a very calming effect and soothes the nerves. It followed with a soft mask to lock the moisture in. I don't know about you but my face tend to be very dry at times, so much so that it would peel at times.
My facial treatment session ended with a relaxing shoulder massage. Who loves massages as much as I do? I find that with massages, it helps me to sleep better at night. I tend to have problems sleeping through the night and I would wake up in the middle of the night at times.
Indulgence Beauty
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Tel: 6225 8980
Mon–Fri: 11am – 8.30pm
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