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ESPA Dual Action Shavemud an Executive Decision

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

ESPA natural Men’s range, a collection of luxury executive products that begins with ESPA Dual Action Shavemud, dual action may sound a little different from the standard shaving gel or cream, and with all due respect it is different. To begin with ESPA’s award-winning products are, on average, 99% natural and only use the finest ingredients that work in harmony with the skin, helping skin to help itself.

ESPA dual action Shavemud an executive decision

ESPA dual action Shavemud an executive decision

This is a deep cleansing exfoliator that revitalizes, clear and smoothes the skin, ESPA Dual Action Shavemud gives a really close shave all due to the way in which the skin is prepared. If you cleanse and exfoliate the beard area prior to the shave you are priming your skin for a smooth, supple start, Shavemud is a dual action product that does just that, prime the skin.

Clarifying fossilized particles unblock the pores and combined with White China clay in the Shavemud, the action exfoliates together with the ingredients removing dull cells that sit on top of the skin, to give a more clearly refreshed look. The exfoliating action helps to lift in growing hairs gently without an abrasive action. Eucalyptus freshens, Moringa Seed Extract hydrates, while antibacterial Lavender soothes and guards against blemishes for that all round revitalized, healthy looking skin.

ESPA dual action Shavemud an executive decision

ESPA dual action Shavemud an executive decision

The key phrase here is ‘healthy looking skin’ after a three day beard growth my husband’s feedback was that he felt the Dual Action Shavemud was working beneath the skin, this is the first time I have heard him talk about feeling a product under the skin. Generally shaving creams/gels sit on the top of the skin and razor just runs over the beard, in a downward shaving motion. However, he placed the Dual Action Shavemud all over the face, and began to shave, using more pressure from the blade as this was a three day growth, he noticed that the mud on his face stayed creamy and did not dry, when he rinsed off the mud  his skin felt refreshed and looked brighter.

The following morning he shaved again with just a one day growth  no extra pressure on the blade, still feeling the sensation of activity under the skin from the product. A personal recommendation from using the ESPA Dual Action Shavemud is to apply the Shavemud at least once a week over the entire face in the shower, allow the steam to warm the skin and then shave, maybe on a Monday after the weekend if the growth is longer than usual.

On reflection one of the most stunning ingredients is the Moringa Seed Extract, chosen for its many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties. These antioxidants do wonders for an aging nutrient-depleted skin. With an impressive oleic acid content of 72%, Moringa oil penetrates deeply into the skin, delivering vital nutrients and also helping the skin and hair retain moisture. Moringa oil’s benefits include skin care and rejuvenation, stronger and healthier hair, wrinkle reduction and skin blemish removal, and there is high demand for this rare and luxurious oil.

Find this oil in ESPA Dual Action Shavemud along with the many other skin care benefits for the man or men in your life, just keep them looking young.

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