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Episode 94, Constitutional Quizzery

Posted on the 26 March 2012 by Shrugger
Episode 94, Constitutional QuizzeryTom Baugh, the unofficial but favorite essayist of The Shrugging Out Podcast, recently crafted a thought-provoking piece, Constitutional Quizzery.
In the piece, Baugh challenges the notion that what is happening today is contrary to the Constitution. And he produces stark evidence that the oft-proposed remedy to unchecked federal growth, a popular uprising led by a modern-day militia, is actually forbidden by that over-worshipped parchment.
The principles of some of the founders, however, remain valid, of course. Instead of a frontal assault on a federal government whose powers are still growing, Baugh argues again for a more patient strategy of waiting until the leviathan's power is sapped by the upcoming economic and social crash.
My analogy? In June of 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia with almost 500,000 men. The Russians tried to stop him from reaching Moscow, but they could not. They did, however, leave the capitol stripped of food and other supplies desperately needed by Napoleon's Grand Armee', which had spent itself battling its way into Moscow. Forced to retreat in the bitter cold of the Russian winter, by the time Napoleon's army left Russia, only 25,000 men were left.
Is this a better strategy given where we are?
- - - - - - - - -Pete Ferron

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