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Episode 208--Sorry, Not Sorry

Posted on the 11 April 2019 by Shrugger
Episode 208--Sorry, Not SorrySorry about that.  Really.
No kidding, I'm sorry for being away from the podcast for so long.
This show covers a host of topics where I am...
  • Sorry and responsible for...such as taking six freaking months to record another podcast
  • Sorry about, but not responsible for...such as the failure of conventional conservative politics to make anything happen for what, at least two decades?
  • Not sorry about...such as the Russian collusion hoax collapsing on the progressive lefties
  • Sorry, but not sorry about...such as the abundance of hate crime hoaxes 
Other sorry/not sorry topics--guess which way I go on these:
  • Making barn wood furniture
  • Ben Shapiro and "creedal Americanism"
  • Whites becoming the persecuted majority (huh?)
  • Joe Rogan and Dan Carlin's delusional nation of entrepreneurs
  • ELCA church hitting hard times
  • The Zerg rush at the Mexican border
  • Russia collusion hoax collapse
  • Southern Poverty Law Center #metoo
  • Smollett hate crime hoax
  • It's OK to be white hate crimes
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