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Episode 210, Overcome Your Programming

Posted on the 26 July 2019 by Shrugger
Episode 210, Overcome Your ProgrammingAll of us have been programmed, from early life and through school, and in some cases beyond, to hold dear a number of assumptions about how the world works, or should work.
In this show, I go over some of this programming, and being a Boomer, most will be programming specific to Boomers.
Harmful programming.
For Boomers, this programming is as harmful as the GOTO is to computer programming.  (If you caught that reference, you’re a computer programmer too.)
The assumptions—the programming—I cover in this show have either been proven harmful already, or will soon be proven to be harmful as events unfold.  Deeply ingrained programming such as these are tough to erase, but erase them you must.
Pete Ferron

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