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Episode 208, Two-Three-Two

Posted on the 16 October 2018 by Shrugger
Episode 208, Two-Three-TwoFor as long as anyone can remember, political power in America has been wielded by two parties--Republican and Democrat.  More than two just hasn't worked, not for very long.
Of course, within those two parties there have been factions and coalitions and the kind of churn you see in European politics.  It's just that in the end, in America, the factions and coalitions generally churn themselves into lining up behind either the R or the D.
In this show, I argue that the parties are reconfiguring before our eyes, temporarily creating three blocs distributed across the two.  And that, assuming American politics really can only support two major parties, the three blocs will soon realign. They'll still be called Republicans and Democrats, but not something your father would recognize.
Pete Ferron

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