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Episode 207, Guide to the Dissident Right

Posted on the 21 August 2018 by Shrugger
Episode 207, Guide to the  Dissident RightThe picture to the right, which I found after recording this show, is a fairly useful illustration of the variety of tribes in and around the dissident right.
In this episode:
  • What trends led to the rise of the dissident right?
  • What are the key issues motivating the DR?
  • Glossary of DR terms (so the Normies will know the difference between a bugman and a dindu)
  • Tribalism, and why it is important (not just for understanding the DR)
  • A mini-Who's Who in the dissident right
  • What is the future for the dissident right?
No big brain takes here, but a reasonably objective and balanced overview of the dissident right, I think.  In the end, I'm generally, though not totally, supportive of the dissident right and the effect it is having in countering the Progressive Lefty bulldozer.  (Though "acceleration"--a DR term referring to a deliberate hastening of The Collapse--may turn out to be a better strategy.)
Pete Ferron

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