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Episode 199, Pagan Church Update

Posted on the 03 January 2018 by Shrugger
Episode 199, Pagan Church UpdateOk, the church I belong to (for now) may not be purely pagan (American Pagan church image right), but a listener to my account of doings there has dubbed it "the pagan church".  So let's go with that.
Same sex marriage in our church sanctuary is the main issue, urged by our new pastor.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America says that each congregation can decide the matter, based on "conscience-bound belief".  How democratic of God to put His laws up to popular vote. (I wonder how He handles ties--is the devil the tie-breaker?)
It seems that our new pastor is bound and determined to push same-sex marriage all the way, even it it splits our church in two.  Maybe that's been the plan all along. Maybe there's something to the rumors that she's trying to establish the best little LGBT church in Arkansas.  Maybe those of us opposed should just shut up and accept our role as collateral damage.
In this episode I elaborate on recent developments, including the decision my wife and I have made to put and end to our support and move on and find a church that still believes in God, the Bible, Heaven, hell, and Jesus Christ.Pete Ferron

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