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Episode 198, Addicted to Grievance

Posted on the 29 November 2017 by Shrugger
Episode 198, Addicted to GrievanceA useful explanation of the attitudes and behavior of some people, including many of the Progressive Left, is that they are addicted to grievance.
Normal people handle the normal events of life normally, including slights, unfair treatment, and plain old screwing over suffered at the hands of others. They ignore pinpricks, address minor wounds, and deal with larger injustices appropriately.  They fight fire with fire.
Grievance addicts do not. Everything that happens to a grievance addict is a catastrophic offense, a crime against humanity.  If a mosquito bites, clobber it with a sledgehammer.
GAs at best are a nuisance. At worst they use their grievances to accrue great power, which they wield to the serious detriment of millions. Grievance addictions explain much of the progressive left's actions, whether in or out of power.  Grievance is what they do best.
BTW, the bucolic setting pictured contains four objects with something in common.  The coffee table in the center is called out in the podcast.  Hint: They are made of wood from a special source, as described early in the show.  Give a listen and find out.Pete Ferron

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