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Episode 181, Everything Goes

Posted on the 04 August 2016 by Shrugger
Episode 181, Everything GoesEverything goes in this episode, and by that I mean over the cliff. 
The Collapse proceeds apace, slowly and gradually for now, but somewhere out there awaits the elevator shaft to the bottom.
Chapter 1.  Lawless in America.  Corruption every where you see, and all the way up to the very top of the federal government. What's different today is that the lawlessness is out in the open.  You'd almost think they were rubbing it in our faces....
Chapter 2.  Morals, Schmorals.  We retrace the steps of the moral decline of America:  De-moralization, normalization, and celebration.  Three examples cited, including heterosexuality (wha-what?).
Chapter 3.  Economic Collapse in Progress.  To wit: the replacement of value with government privilege, the automation of jobs, the atomization of jobs, and the fiscal bankruptcy of the government.
Net-net:  Everything goes, so everything is going.  Ooohh, that'll leave a mark.
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Pete Ferron

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