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Episode 173, The Shutdown That Wasn't

Posted on the 21 December 2015 by Shrugger
Episode 173, The Shutdown That Wasn'tIt was a bolt from the blue.  Totally unexpected.  A singular, bold move by a brave and principled leader. Nobody saw it coming.
Everyone was expecting what has happened for years now:  The national debt ceiling approaches,  Republicans fear being murdered in the media, so they make a deal, and add another trillion dollars or so to the debt ceiling. But this time was different.
One man stood foursquare in the path of the unending leftist onslaught and said NO.
What an incredible train of events was unleashed. Obama cancels his Christmas vacation. The media revs up the Republican murder machine--and it backfires! Donald Trump plays a YUUUUGE role. The presidential race is stood on its head--again!  Paul Ryan's political fortunes take a giant leap upwards. And quietly, in the background, the government and the rest of the country find themselves adapting to life with limits, an actual real live debt ceiling.
Who said the Washington hairball of graft and special interests was unfixable?  Why that would be you, you incurable pessimist! How about some tobasco sauce for that crow, huh?
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Pete Ferron

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