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Episode 137, 1978 Versus Now

Posted on the 22 January 2014 by Shrugger
Episode 137, 1978 versus NowIn this episode, I cover some recent events:
  • Chris Christie's staff-inspired traffic tie-ups on the GW Bridge, and what it says about government
  • A report on white poverty in Appalachia on the 50-year anniversary of the "War on Poverty"
  • The latest government employment statistics showing the work force participation rate has fallen back to what it was in 1978.
The last item inspired me to talk about the year 1978, and what things were like for Americans back then, in comparison to now. Not exactly the good old days. In fact, a lot of bad things started back then (and earlier) have become a whole lot worse. Not all Jimmy Carter's fault, but he sure didn't help.Pete Ferron

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