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Episode 109, Which Conspiracy Theories Should You Believe?

Posted on the 19 October 2012 by Shrugger
Episode 109, Which Conspiracy Theories Should You Believe?Which conspiracy theories do you believe?
Which do you think are a lot of bunk?
And which conspiracy theories put you on the fence, until you learn more?
In this show we have a little bit of fun examining some of the most popular conspiracy theories, and I take a stab at labeling them as true or untrue.
No sacred cows in this podcast. 
One thing I find interesting is that there are a number of conspiracy theories that may not be objectively true, but given what is actually happening in the world around us, they MAY AS WELL BE TRUE, and we should act as if they were.
So bring your own CTs to this podcast as we compare notes on which of these things we believe, which of them we don't, and why. Pete Ferron

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